Another DACA Success Story. Yours Could Be Next!

Even if you are not deeply knowledgeable about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), you or someone you know is probably eligible to apply. The process can seem intimidating and some people don’t even realize that they may qualify for Deferred Action benefits. There is no doubt that DACA has improved the lives of many throughout the U.S. Your DACA success story could be next! Continue reading to hear about another motivating DACA success story and to find out how you too can apply for DACA today.

Another DACA Success Story

DACA has made an extremely positive impact on many immigrants in the U.S. and their families. For those driven to start and run their own businesses, DACA has helped thousands of people begin to fulfill their American Dreams. Rick and David Rodriguez, business owners and Chefs at WHISK, have dealt with DACA first-hand. While David is a U.S. citizen, Rick has been a DACA recipient for the past few years. Just like his brother, Rick works hard every day to provide for his family and his employees. He is fiercely patriotic, loves all things America (including the Chicago Bears) and appears no less American than anyone who eats at his popular Chicago restaurants. He is able to live his life without fear because he is a DACA recipient. DACA has opened many doors for Rick and his family, and it could for you, too.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 14.47.27“America is really a place where if you work hard and treat others with respect and dignity, you can accomplish anything” said David. “We’re proof that anything is possible if you put your mind to it”.



You Become Eligible For a Worker’s Permit (EAD)

You receive many benefits upon your approval for DACA. One of these is your eligibility to apply for a worker’s permit. While DACA itself does not give you the ability to work legally in the U.S., you can apply for an EAD to work legally after you are DACA approved. This is important because employers have a responsibility not to employ any unauthorized workers. If they discover that you are not an authorized worker, it could result in termination of your employment.

With DACA success, the burden of unauthorized employment becomes almost nonexistent. This is a huge reason so many have chosen to apply for DACA.

Apply For a Social Security Number

Another benefit of DACA success is that you can apply for a Social Security Number. The benefits of having a SSN are invaluable.  If you are in school, you can apply for thousands of scholarships, you can start building credit history in the U.S., get a driver’s license in most states, and more. The list goes on and on. DACA opens doors for your future.

So, What Comes After Applying for DACA?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a monumental step in immigration reform, and it is changing the lives of those who have been approved. For the thousands receiving its benefits and the millions affected by it, DACA has become the foundation of their American Dreams.

Checking your eligibility for DACA is the first step in the application process. To see if you are eligible, read the full list of requirements, or check your eligibility online for free.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about how to apply for DACA or checking their eligibility for DACA benefits, our blog is a great place to find up to date information and useful resources. Additionally, if your case is more complex and you would like to speak with a licensed immigration attorney, you can learn more about the benefits of an initial consultation before deciding on the best path for you here.

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