Eligibility To Renew Your Green Card

I need to renew my green card soon:
Check your eligibility with Road to Status and make sure you are qualified.

Renewing your Permanent Residence (Green Card) can be extremely stressful and time-consuming if you don’t have all of the information you need before you start the renew green card process. Knowing the requirements to renew my Green Card will help make the process easier.

The process to renew my Green Card can be painless with the help of Road to Status. Immigration documentation can be made simple! Check out the eligibility requirements in order to renew your Permanent Residence.

So how do you know if you are eligible to renew your green card (Permanent Residence)?

  • Green cards that were administered after 1989 have an expiration date on the card. Your green card is valid for 10 years after it was issued.

Check now to see when your green card is going to expire. If your card is going to expire within the next 6 months, you can file an I-90 to renew your green card.

You can fill out the I-90 through an immigration attorney, you can fill it out completely by yourself, or you can use one of several new online tools that can help you fill out your form (often helping you fill it out more accurately & with greater ease).

If you or someone you know is interested in renewing your green card, you can apply online here with Road to Status. If your case is more complex and you would like to speak with a licensed immigration attorney, you can learn more about the benefits of an initial consultation before deciding on the best path for you.

Road to Status™ is changing the way America processes immigration applications because the old way simply doesn’t work.

Road to Status™ provides immigration applicants with high quality, affordable immigration tools that are easy to use, secure, and accessible anywhere. Watch a short video to see how it works here. When needed, licensed immigration attorneys are available to help.

Learn more at https://www.roadtostatus.com and sign up FREE for updates and critical immigration reform news and alerts.

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