FREE Resources Available For DACA Renewal

Illinois Legal Aid Online and Road To Status are excited to announce a FREE service for Dreamers who need to prepare their DACA Renewal Applications by the October 5th deadline.

Our goal is to provide necessary help to thousands of people in Illinois who need to file their DACA renewals in the next three weeks. Experts estimate that between 10,000 – 15,000 people in Illinois are eligible to file for DACA renewal in this period.

Road To Status’ easy-to-use online platform guides people through the process of preparing their immigration applications. Road To Status has waived all fees through October 5 for their interactive DIY DACA Renewal Application for people who access the system through Illinois Legal Aid Online’s website. In addition, if someone wants an accredited immigration attorney to review their forms, they can also get that service for free through Road to Status’ network partner law firms.


Prepare a DACA Renewal Application for FREE.

This is a unique opportunity for people who can’t get help from traditional free legal services providers, including people who live in remote locations and those who don’t qualify for free legal aid, yet still can’t afford a lawyer. The Road To Status online platform makes it very easy for everyone to prepare their DACA renewal application now.

Time is quickly running out for Dreamers! Help us spread the word quickly about this FREE service to help them. We want to reach everyone who needs to prepare and file their DACA Renewal Application by the October 5 deadline. Please share the above link widely and share @ILAO and @RoadToStatus posts on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

In addition to this free DIY service, our legal aid partners are offering these other options for people to get help:

  • Sign up for a free legal clinic or schedule an appointment with the National Immigrant Justice Center on the NIJC website.
  • See this calendar of upcoming free or low-cost DACA renewal workshops.
  • Find other organizations that can help with DACA renewal at

Note: DACA applicants must pay $495 for filing fees to the Department of Homeland Security. Learn about help that is available for paying these fees here.

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