How DACA is Changing Lives for the DACAmented

How Is DACA Changing Lives?

How DACA is Changing Lives

Since it was passed, DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, has provided an opportunity for part of the undocumented immigrant population to remain in the country without the fear of being deported. To better understand how DACA is changing lives for those that are “DACAmented”, a research team at the University of Southern California conducted a series of surveys with those immigrants.

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Their results showed that young adult “DACAmented” immigrants have been better able to incorporate themselves in U.S. economic institutions as a result of DACA. Specifically, 61% of those surveyed said that they were able to obtain a job since receiving DACA and a driver’s license which opens the door for other job opportunities, education, and social immersion. Overwhelmingly, it was also found that 94% of those that had received DACA said that they ultimately want to apply for US citizenship if they became eligible and were given the opportunity to do so.

However, the study revealed that concerns about deportation of friends and family remain. Though DACA recipients were experiencing marked benefits, 49% still said that they “worry all the time” or “most of the time” about close family and friends being deported. This combined with the finding that 2/3 of DACA recipients also know someone that has been deported shows the necessity for comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, roughly 86% of DACA recipients reported that their mothers would benefit from a comprehensive reform of current immigration laws. You can view the complete study, it’s findings, and more immigration news here.

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