How to Prepare for Your K-1 Fiance Visa Interview

fiance-picAre you trying to bring your fiance to the U.S.? Similar to marriage visas, part of the K-1 application process involves an interview with an immigration officer. The intent of the interview is quite simply to prove the validity of your relationship, to show how devoted you are to one another, and to determine that you do intend to be married within 90 days of entry to the US. To ensure your best chance at approval, it will help to prepare for your K-1 Fiance visa interview ahead of time.

As stated above, the process is similar to the interview for a marriage-based visa, but as the K-1 Fiancé visa is different from the marriage-based one, the way the interview is conducted differs as well.

Four of the common questions that you should be prepared to answer are:

1. How did you meet one another?

This isn’t a trick question. Answer honestly how you met whether that was through a friend, online, or at work. Be sure to give as detailed a response as possible as that will give your interviewer something to go off of when reading through your answers later.

2. How long were you and your fiancé together before deciding to get married?

Why does this matter? With nearly half of marriages failing, the officer may be curious why a couple that has been together for a month wants to jump into marriage. If you have been together a relatively short amount of time, make sure you emphasize why it is you are getting married to one another now. Remember, this interview is all about demonstrating the validity and potential of your relationship.

3. What sort of things do you both have in common?

This is a very straightforward question so give a straightforward answer. Discuss goals, values, and interests that you both share. What the officer is looking for is how well you two know each other and what sort of premise your relationship is founded upon. You don’t have to have everything in common, and if you don’t, make certain to emphasize the importance of the things that you do.

4. Who proposed to whom? How?

Whether formal or not, this is important to the immigration officer because it gives them an insight into how you conduct your relationship, express affection towards one another, and care for one another. Be sure to give as detailed an answer as possible in order for the interviewer to paint the best picture of who you are together.

Things to be aware of before the interview:

– Dress as if this was job interview, clean and professional, like you take this as seriously as the interviewer does.

– While emphasizing the legitimacy of your relationship, be sure to also keep your answers clear and concise for the interviewer to easily draw upon later.

– Don’t be too nervous, the anxiety shows through in your answers and may hurt your chances.

– Even if you’re not nervous, take time before to prepare for the interview to make sure you and your partner can answer the questions thoroughly and confidently.

– Your words are only part of the answer – your confidence and body language do the rest; this is why it is important to take prep time before the interview to get comfortable and ease any nervousness.

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