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You could save up to $725 on select immigration applications with a fee waiver!

Most people don’t realize that the government offers fee waivers for those that qualify. Is your immigration application fee waiver eligible? Road to Status’ fee waiver tool allows you to answer simple questions to see if you can save hundreds of dollars on USCIS immigration fees applications such as Citizenship (N-400), Green Card Renewal (I-90), Removal of Conditions (I-751), and Work Authorization (I-765)

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Find out if you are eligible for an immigration benefit and fee waiver before spending money and time completing your application.

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When you are finished, easily check all of your answers for mistakes or typos. Don’t worry, our system will catch any major errors along the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What applications can I use a fee waiver on?

You can find a full list of USCIS applications that accept a fee waiver here. From this list, Road to Status offers our software and services for N-400, I-90, I-765, and I-751 applications.

What will I need to apply for the fee waiver?

If you are experiencing financial hardship or make under a certain amount each year, you will likely qualify for a fee waiver. You will need documentation proving your household income as well as any means tested benefit that you receive.

When do I file my fee waiver request?

Forms I-912 or I-942 must be submitted with your completed immigration benefit application (N-400, I-90, etc.). You cannot submit a fee waiver or reduction application before or after you have applied for an immigration benefit. NOTE: If your fee waiver that is submitted with your application is not accepted, you will need to resubmit your immigration application. This could delay your acceptance.

What is Road to Status?

Road to Status helps you prepare your USCIS Immigration application with information you provide. We help put together your application, based on easy to understand questions. We collect the right information from you that you need to provide to USCIS and none of what you don’t. When you are done preparing your application with Road to Status, our system checks your application for common mistakes and errors. Then you will need to print, sign, and mail the forms, according to your personalized instructions.

Get accepted the first time around or your money back, guaranteed. Learn more about Road to Status..

Is Road to Status affiliated or associated with any government agency or bureau?

Road to Status is not affiliated with USCIS or any other government agency or website. Pricing for application preparation services do not include any government application, biometric or filing fees.

Disclaimer: Road to Status, LLC. is not a law firm. The information and services presented are not legal advice and do not substitute the advice, guidance or recommendation that a licensed immigration attorney can provide. Road to Status is not affiliated with USCIS or any other government agency or website. Pricing for services does not include any biometric, filing, or government application fees. Road To Status, LLC is a private software company that offers self-help services at the user’s direction. Blank forms are available for free at


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