The New Way to Complete Your US Citizenship Application

Haven’t you always wanted to complete your citizenship application online?

For decades, there were only two options for completing your N-400 Citizenship Application.

You either had to fill it out completely on your own OR you would have to seek out the help of an immigration professional.

The Pros & Cons of Professional Immigration Services

The two main types of these service providers are immigration attorneys or non-profit organizations.

Immigration attorneys are incredibly knowledgeable. With their help, you can avoid common pitfalls in the immigration process & working with an attorney is generally the safest way to ensure your application is successfully accepted by USCIS.

The fees they charge for their expertise (and the peace of mind that their services provide) often are in the thousands of dollars ($2,000 – $5,000+ is common).

Non-profit organizations that provide immigration services handle many cases every month. Because they have a lot of experience helping people in similar situations as you, they also can be helpful in completing your citizenship application.

Unfortunately, because of the massive demand for immigration services from non-profits, many of these organizations are only able to serve people who meet certain income requirements or who live within a certain distance of the organization’s offices.

For immigrants who do not meet those income or location requirements, the average costs for a non-profit’s services range from $350 – $550+.

Working with an attorney or a non-profit can be time-consuming in addition to being costly (and finding the right law firm or non-profit organization for you can be a difficult task).

Then even after choosing one, having to travel to their offices for multiple appointments can be inconvenient (or even detrimental) to your work & family schedule.

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The Pros & Cons of Completing Your Application Completely By Yourself

When you complete your application on your own, without any guidance, you take a  risk that you will make a mistake or overlook something important. Even small errors can lead to your application getting delayed or rejected by USCIS.

Unless you are very familiar with the immigration process, it is easy to overlook small details that may affect your situation & application.

While you will save the hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees from immigration legal service providers (AKA an attorney or a non-profit) by doing your application on your own…you will also increase your risk of having a rejected or delayed application.

If your application is rejected for any reason, you lose the money you paid to USCIS for application filing fees. You also do not receive the immigration benefit or status you applied and paid for.

While there are many people who have successfully completed their citizenship application online or on paper on their own….

…there are thousands of others who tried who filled out their application on their own & wound up with a rejection from USCIS due to oversights, errors, mistakes, or omissions.

Even for those who were successful in completing on their own, many have shared how long, painful, and confusing they found the process when they tried it completely on their own.

Until now, immigrants had to choose from one of these two flawed options. They had to choose between investing too much money & too much time into getting help from an immigration professional or trying to navigate a complicated & intimidating government process by themselves.

There now is a new, third option available to immigrants who want to complete their citizenship application online.
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The New Way to Complete Your Citizenship Application Online

The world has seen technology, software, and the internet simplify many formerly tedious processes over the past several years. Not only has technology made these things easier, it usually also reduces the cost you have to pay to get the result you want.

Some prime examples are that you can now do your taxes much easier through tax preparation software (without needing an accountant) & that reserving your travel plans became much easier with online flight and hotel booking sites.

Similar to the way tax preparation software has made doing your taxes less confusing, new software now exists that makes USCIS immigration applications easier to complete (and complete accurately).

Instead of having to fill an application out by hand or having to travel to a (potentially expensive) immigration legal service provider, you can now complete an application in a fraction of the time….all from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This immigration software can help you know if you are eligible for the immigration benefit you want to apply for and then guide you through an easy, step-by-step process to complete your application online.

This software also allows for the option to have a professional immigration attorney review your application after you have completed it online.

Because the time-intensive manual work has been done by the software, the attorney can spend much less time to provide the same level of expertise, assurance, and peace of mind they traditionally provide when reviewing an application.

And because it takes the attorney less time to service the application, their fees when coupled with the software are significantly less than what lawyers traditionally charge (not to mention that with this solution you can get professional help completely on your schedule and done totally from the comfort of your own home or office).

While there is no such thing as a “perfect” solution, this new, hybrid method that combines human expertise with software is able to keep the key “Pros” from the original two methods while having less painful “Cons” attached to it.

The Pros & Cons of Completing Your Application With This New Immigration Application Software

This new “hybrid” solution is likely the fastest and most convenient option you have available to you to complete your immigration application(s).

In addition to being faster and more convenient than the alternatives, this software solution can also provide affordable access to valuable legal services that have traditionally been very expensive to receive.

To start, it costs $148 to use Road to Status’ N-400 Citizenship Application Online Completion software solution.

You can use our software to quickly & easily complete your citizenship application online.

Once your application is completed using the software, you have the option to add the ‘Professional Attorney Review’ service. You will then have an AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) certified attorney review your application for you after it is complete.

All of this can be done electronically through the software platform. No having to search around or travel for appointments.

To use our software and have a qualified immigration attorney review your application for you before sending it in to USCIS costs $346.

Getting a professional immigration attorney to review your application when coupled with our software costs less than what even most non-profits charge for traditional immigration legal services!

How To Know If The Software & The Company You Choose Is Trustworthy

Unfortunately, there are some companies out there claiming to offer software that helps with immigration applications, but in reality are scams.

Therefore, a ‘Con’ of any software solution is that you should be skeptical about exactly who is behind the company providing the software you are about to use.

There is no such thing as being “too careful” when it comes to the personal information you provide when completing a citizenship application online. It is important to know who you are sharing that information with.

Here is a quick checklist of things you should look for in a company before being able to fully trust them (and their software) with helping you complete your citizenship application:

Ability to see the management team who created the company,  built the software, and run the business

Ability to easily get on the phone or a live online chat with a real, human employee of the business who is in the US-based offices of the company

Accreditation from trusted sources who have in one way or another vetted the business for its legitimacy

Endorsements from or partnerships with trusted organizations that have aligned themselves with the business

At Road to Status, we believe we have gone above and beyond those above criteria in an effort to earn the trust of the immigrants we hope to serve through our software. Get started on your US Citizenship Application online now.

Here are a few ‘red flags’ that should raise your suspicions if you see them:

Charging Fees For the Immigration Forms Themselves

Some of these websites will charge you to simply access immigration forms. With Road to Status, you can try out any of the forms on our software completely free and you also have the option to download any of USCIS’ forms for free from the website.

Lack of Guidance & Support

If it is difficult to be able to chat, call, or email with customer support for the software then we recommend staying away from that company.

Because your citizenship application is very important, you want to be sure that you can quickly & easily get in contact with people who can help you in case you run into questions or complications during any point of your process.

Claiming That Using Them Guarantees Your Application Will Be Accepted

No one (even the best immigration attorneys) can guarantee that your application will be accepted by USCIS. Be suspicious of anyone who tries to make that guarantee.

At Road to Status, we do have a guarantee that we proudly stand behind.

While we do not guarantee that your application will be accepted, if you use our software to complete your application and the application does get rejected by USCIS, we will refund the money you paid to Road to Status for our software and we will reimburse your USCIS filing fee for the denied application.

We believe so much in our software and our attorney partners who will do your application review that we “put our money where our mouth is” by providing this strong guarantee.

Claiming a Special Relationship with USCIS or Government Officials

Any company claiming to have special relationships with USCIS or government officials should be a ‘red flag’. USCIS does not have any relationships with outside companies or service providers. No company can actually offer the ability to “fast track” your application or increase the probability your application will be accepted because of a relationship they have with the government.

Get Started With Your Citizenship Application Online Now

You can start your application on our software platform and decide for yourself if it is the best solution to complete your citizenship application.

Looking for more information about exactly what our software is, what it does, and how it works? This page will give you more information. If you have any questions beyond what that page shares, we are available via email, live chat, & phone to help provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

We hope to see you using our software, using the new way to complete your N-400 citizenship application. Finally, immigration applications have joined us in the 21st century!


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