Announces Free, Nationwide Access to Their Software for DACA Renewal Applications

Road to Status Announces Free Access to Their Software for DACA Renewals to Help Dreamers Complete DACA Renewal Applications Before Oct. 5th Deadline

-For Immediate Release-

CHICAGO, IL (September 18, 2017) – Road to Status, a Chicago-based software company, is offering FREE use of their software to Dreamers nationwide who wish to complete their DACA renewal application.

Road to Status recently announced a FREE DACA renewal workshop, through their partnership with the Little Village Chamber of Commerce and in collaboration with and Illinois Legal Aid Online, for the estimated 10,000 Dreamers in Illinois who are eligible to file for renewal of their DACA status.

Now, not only can Dreamers in Illinois access FREE DACA renewal help, Dreamers across the country can access Road to Status’ software to safely and securely complete their DACA renewal application from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

“Access to safe and efficient legal services is always important, but especially now during the next few weeks before the DACA renewal deadline. We are excited to provide that access to all of the Dreamers across the country who can benefit from our software through the October 5th deadline.” – Javad Khazaeli – Founder, Road to Status

During this difficult time, users who complete their DACA renewal application via the Road to Status site will also receive a free immigration attorney review of their DACA renewal application prior to filing through the October 5th DACA deadline. Road to Status is providing it’s software AND the additional attorney review services for FREE until the Oct. 5 deadline. Attorney reviews are made available via their network of partner of law firms.

Road to Status’ retail DACA renewal application package is typically $148.00 online, but the fees are being waived until the October 5th, 2017 deadline. DACA applicants are still responsible for the USCIS filing fees of $495 that are associated with the renewal application.

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