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How Technology is Changing Immigration Law Practices


Regardless of what you think or feel when reading that word, you know there are new and powerful technologies being created every day.

These advances are changing businesses and industries. The legal profession is certainly included among those seeing significant changes due to emerging technology.

Imagine how long proper research would take to do before LexisNexis or Westlaw….

By leveraging new technology, more and more of the common tasks performed by lawyers (or their support staff) that used to take a couple hours of work to complete can now be done in 30 – 60 minutes (and some of them in 30 – 60 seconds!)

Processes that used to be (and in most cases, still are) filled with a confusing collection of handwritten notes, printed copies of documentation, difficult to navigate email threads, and duplicative work can now be simple.

Recent legal technology innovations have made many of those processes centralized and organized. All notes, files, case statuses, and relevant data are available instantly and easily.

Serve More Clients and Manage Your Caseload More Efficiently

Teamwork makes the dream work. And by having the right technology, even small teams can collaborate to handle a significantly large caseload (without having to spend more hours in the office to handle the increased number of cases).

The ‘secret’ is in trusting the technology do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ that is currently being done by the people in your firm.

By having multiple practitioners using the same software technology, communication among your team will become easier, faster, and clearer.

Sharing case status updates, notes, and new case information across your team (as well as with your clients) can now be seamless….

….meaning far fewer updates or details ever “fall through the cracks” (both internally as well as with your end clients).

There is software for immigration attorneys that can make all the above possible. This software includes:

  • Built-in and Preconfigured Tools, Wizards, Questionnaires, and an Application Library

This means faster and more accurate client intake. Whether the person performing the client intake is a lawyer or a member of your support staff; the time investment required by people in your firm will be cut in half.

By spending more time on highly qualified cases, you can focus on the work that you find fulfilling, valuable to clients, and drives increased revenue to the business.

  • Permissioned Client Access to a Fully Branded and Customized Online Platform for Your Law Firm

You, your team, and your clients will use an intuitive, user-friendly online platform that presents your firm’s brand as the provider of the software.

As your clients are able to efficiently and seamlessly interact with your branded tools and platform, the trust and affinity they have with your firm will strengthen.

Even better, your clients’ interaction on this platform will actually help your firm efficiently complete cases.

In fact, over the past few months we have met a few smart, forward-thinking partners at immigration law firms who have invested tens of thousands of dollars to build their own software platform to achieve results similar to what Road to Status’ software can do for you.

Ultimately, those partners chose to use Road to Status’ software because they knew it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more to build something as clean, easy, effective, and robust as what we showed them in a demonstration.

  • Simplified Caseload Management

Imagine all of your notes about a case and/or a client in one place…..

Picture being able to view all your cases on one dashboard (including latest updates, current progress, and the next step needed to move the case forward)….

Envision having all communication related to the case (with both clients and staff) housed in one easy-to-access place….

This is all possible for your firm. You can stop shuffling between multiple platforms for the case information you need.

With Road to Status’ software, all your client notes, files, updates, documents, and communications are in one place.

How to Begin Processing More Cases In Less Time (Skyrocketing Your Profits)….

Would an easy-to-use software that helps your firm provide better service to clients, serve more clients per month, and increase overall profitability be valuable for your firm?

If so, then you owe it to your clients, your co-workers, and yourself to commit 15 minutes to getting a live demonstration of the software.

On the demo, you can ask any question(s) you may have about the technology and determine for yourself if it is a good fit for your firm.

There are 3 easy ways to get your demo scheduled:

  • Email Chase Hertel at
  • Call (857) 600-0972 extension 701
    (expect a human answering the phone during standard business hours & an automated message requesting you leave a voicemail outside of those hours)
  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to have us contact you to schedule a demo (The form is below the two paragraphs underneath this sentence)

You may be one 15 minute demo away from your firm generating thousands of dollars more in profit each month. If you are not yet ready to schedule a demo, you can learn a bit more about our platform here

We hope to provide you with the power to help more people in less time!

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