Serve More Immigration Clients In Less Time

Easy to use software helps non-profits that provide immigration services to help more people in less time. Here’s how:

Reduce Duplicative Work Commonly Involved In Client Intake  & Completing Application Forms

Secure, Centralized Document Management & Client Communication

Powerful Tools & Technology For Both You and Your Clients

Faster, More Effective Pre-Client Screening

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Reduce Duplicative Work

The vast majority of non-profits that process immigration cases engage in duplicative work. Whether it is filling out the same required information across multiple forms for a client, performing manual client intake, or one of several other inefficiencies, the bottom line is the same….

….the longer it takes to serve each individual case, the less total people your organization can help. Using software that removes duplicative work can reduce the time it takes to help someone without sacrificing any of the quality or thoroughness of the service you provide.

Centralized Document Storage & Communication

Never lose track of an important document or piece of information about a client again. Everything you need for every individual client & case can be quickly and easily found.

Communicating with colleagues as well as clients in a central location saves time and energy.

Powerful Tools (For You & For Your Clients)

For an affordable monthly fee, your organization can leverage software and technology that required tens of thousands of development hours to build. You can upgrade your organization’s use of technology overnight to increase efficiency, productivity, service, and client satisfaction.

Faster, More Effective Pre-Client Screening

Reduce time spent on potential clients who end up not being eligible. The most accurate & easy to use ‘Eligibility Checker’ can be used to quickly determine whether your firm can help a potential client or not. Maximize the time you spend serving qualified clients.

Serve 5 Clients Using This Software For Free & With No Obligation

After you see a demonstration of the software, you can try it out for the next 5 clients you serve. Our support team will be there during the free trial to help you see first hand how it will transform the way your organization  services clients.


Save Time

Our universal form technology allows you to fill out your personal info once and we feed into all of necessary forms within your application package.


Rest assured knowing that your data is stored safely and securely in your password protected RTS Cloud Account.

Money Back

If your application is not accepted by the USCIS after using Road to Status’ software, we promise that you will get 100% your software application fee back.

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