How to Apply for US Citizenship Online

How to Apply for US Citizenship Online

Are you looking to apply for Naturalization or US Citizenship online?

For years, we were only able to “go the old-fashioned route” by printing the forms out, filling them in by hand, & sending in the manually completed application.

If after reading this article you still prefer that route, you can print out Form N-400 from the USCIS website to fill out by hand or you can download USCIS’ editable PDF file.

If you’re interested in new, faster solutions…

…technology has made an easier route available and you can now complete your naturalization application for US citizenship online.

Currently, the only forms available from USCIS for online filing are the I-90 application to renew or replace your green card or the I-131A application for certain travel documents.

Even though USCIS currently does not offer a guided solution to apply for US citizenship online, there is an online software service currently available for exactly that.

(Note: you will still need to print & mail the completed application to USCIS after completing online but it is the fastest and easiest way to complete your N-400 citizenship application)

There are a few significant benefits that come with using Road to Status to complete your naturalization application online:

  • You can save time (applicants tend to save at least an hour by using online software instead of completing by hand)
  • Because the software is guided and checks for common mistakes & errors, you can reduce the risk of having your application rejected, denied, or delayed by using software
  • You can complete your application from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can start today, save your progress, and return to your account to finish applying online later if you can’t do it all in one day.
  • You can have a licensed immigration attorney answer any questions you may have before you complete your application.
  • You can have a licensed immigration attorney review your completed naturalization application to ensure you have completed your form properly for your specific case.
    (Note: there are additional fees involved with receiving assistance and advice from an immigration attorney)

This software was created by our team at Road to Status. Our founders include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation immigrants and we’ve partnered with some of the country’s most respected immigration attorneys.

We believe in this software so much that if you use it, we guarantee your naturalization application will be accepted by USCIS. Not only do we fully guarantee not only the cost of our software but also the cost of your USCIS filing fees.

Note: because Road to Status is not a part of USCIS, after completing your naturalization application with our software, you will need to print out and mail in the completed application afterward.

How to Complete Your Naturalization Application Online with Road to Status

Step 1 is to check your eligibility and create your account.

You will start with our ‘Eligibility Checker’. It will ask you a couple questions and it will help you confirm that you are eligible to apply for Naturalization right now, so that you aren’t wasting your time or money if you aren’t eligible.

Even if you plan on completing your naturalization application by hand, we recommend signing up for an account to go through our ‘Eligibility Checker’ to see if you qualify.

USCIS provides the blank N-400 form on their site but they do not provide a tool that will double check that you are eligible to apply for naturalization at this time (nor do they have the technology that will double and triple check your application to help ensure that it will make it through the USCIS application review process when you file it).

Step 2 is to answer a series of simple, clear questions. As you answer the questions, the software will fill in the corresponding sections of the N-400 application for you. We have technical support live & readily available Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM (US Central Time) to help you through any questions or issues as they arise during the process of applying for US Citizenship online.

Step 3 is to review your completed application and make any edits in places where you may have mistyped an answer. This is also an opportunity to maximize your peace of mind by bringing in an immigration attorney to thoroughly check your application and converse with you about it before you send it to USCIS.

(Note: as of December 23rd, 2016 USCIS has increased their N400 Naturalization for US citizenship application fees. See the USCIS website for all current application fees.)

Once you are confident in the completed application, you can access the downloadable & printable file with your application and then mail your application to USCIS to complete your filing process.

Applying for US Citizenship Online Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated, Difficult, or Intimidating

We know that applying for U.S. Naturalization can be a worrisome process.

That is why Road to Status walks you through the application process step-by-step.

That is why we offer technical support (for free!)

That is why we offer legal support from licensed immigration attorneys (for a reasonable fee).

Overall, the cost is low compared to the savings of time, energy, and worry over potentially having your application be denied. And it is risk-free for you financially due to our previously mentioned guarantee!

Completing your naturalization application online can make the process much easier for you and your family. We also understand any hesitations or concerns you have about entering personal information online. Because of that, we have made (and continue to make) our best possible effort to ensure the protection & safety of all information entered into our software system.

We hope the ability to complete your application for US Citizenship online will make the process of becoming a US citizen faster, easier, and more. If you have any questions for us that you’d like answered before starting, please ask here or call us at (857) 600-0972

If you’re ready to start now, create your account now to go through our Eligibility Checker and continue on to completing your naturalization application online if you are eligible!


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